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Naperville, Illinois Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorney

If you are in the Naperville, Illinois region and find yourself in any of these situations, Bill Cherny may be able to help:

  • A dispute which becomes a lawsuit
  • A dire financial situation that only filing for bankruptcy will give you debt relief and a fresh start
  • Foreclosure
  • Collection actions from creditors or credit card companies
  • Litigation
  • Family Law Matters

It is important to consider your options carefully. In deciding what options to take, consulting with an attorney knowledgeable in that specific area of law is the first step you should take.
NO charge for an initial consultation to get you a fresh start!

William D Cherny Cherny Law Offices, P.C.

My practice is client focus and I am based in the Naperville, Illinois region. My philosophy representing clients is founded on the belief that there is no cookie cutter method representation. Every client has different needs and requirements when it comes to their case. For many of my clients this is their first experience with the legal system and it can be confusing and overwhelming. I give clients the personal attention, dedication and responsiveness necessary to make informed decisions. I talk with clients, I don’t talk to clients.

Prior to practicing law full time, I spent 25 years in the business world and corporate America. Because I understand client’s concerns regarding the cost of litigation I want my clients to feel that they are receiving value for the legal services they are paying for. I strive to deliver for my clients zealous advocacy for every matter, large or small.

If you have reached the point where you need to discuss your situation with an attorney, consider giving me a call to schedule a meeting.

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